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Anyone Can Cook!

A spinoff based on Disney's Ratatouille!

A card game adaptation of Disney's Ratatouille. Play as one of four characters racing to serve the critic your special dish! Make money, sabotage your opponents, and cook your heart out!

Year: 2022

Role: Game Designer, Graphic Designer

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Systems Design

In this game, there was a huge focus on balance in the systems that our game mechanics produced. It was important to prevent one strategy from becoming the only strategy players could win with. As a result, playtesting and number tracking took up much of the development process.

Visual Design

Beyond systems design, I worked as a graphic designer for the cards. My peers and I wanted to reference Ratatouille in the art style, and I found that the "Anyone Can Cook" cookbook would be a good example to work from. This challenged me to adapt the art style of the cookbook and apply it to the cards and rulebook. 

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