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Satisfy this ghost's sweet tooth!

An arcade-style game with the constraint of one button, made with the Crisp Game Lib by Kenta Cho. This ghost wants candy, and it's your job to help! Avoid enemies as long as you can while collecting candy.

Year: 2022

Role:  Game Designer, Artist, Programmer

Tools: Visual Studio Code, Github, Procreate


The one requirement for this game was to only have one button. In this game, I worked off of cursor input. The big challenge was working on difficulty scaling. I experimented with variables and tested different forms of increasing difficulty. I found that linear difficulty increases gave players too much time to adapt to the rising difficulty, so I opted for exponential growth to keep players on their toes. 

Since this game was only built in a couple of days, it was hard to get creative with the one-button constraint and stay within scope. If I had more time, I would implement a mechanic for the button click to fight against the enemies to accommodate more aggressive playstyles.

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