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Love Heist Romeo

Join this bunny on his quest to find true love!

A 2D narrative-driven game about a bunny named Romeo on his quest for True Love. Following a wizard's advice, join Romeo as he interacts with cute animals, collects magical orbs, and explores otherworldly realms!

Year: 2021

Role: Level Designer, UI Designer

Tools: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop

Level Design

As the level designer on this game, I was in charge of figuring out how every room in the game would look. I created layouts of each room, documenting each component for our team's artists and programmers. Because this game is narrative-driven, this role taught me how to be more intentional with the furniture in each room. It was important that I tied in bits of the story to create a cohesive world for players to explore.

In total, Love Heist Romeo has 16 unique areas. Above are the concepts of each area in Reject City, one of the realms in the game.

UI Design

I also worked as an artist for some of the UI. I created the title cards for each realm of Love Heist Romeo, which would appear on the screen after the player's entrance. I learned how to work with a pre-established art style and color palette, shifting gears in how I worked on the game's cohesion.

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