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Caliente needs your help!

An infinite runner about Caliente, an alien left behind by their ship. Manage your stamina to help Caliente get back to the ship!

Year: 2022

Role: Game Designer, UI Designer, Sound Designer

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Reaper

Mechanic Ideation

The goal for this project was to create an endless runner. Once my team and I decided on the idea of an alien running back to its ship, we each brainstormed potential features that would fit into our 3 week scope. Some ideas included water spraying out of building windows and firefighters climbing up ladders to stop our main character. We ultimately decided on falling building pieces to illustrate the idea that the ship is speeding away!

UI Design

One challenge I had while working with the UI design was making sure the player's view was unobstructed. Since this game required a bit of reaction time, it was important that none of the UI elements worked against the player. Putting all the UI elements at the bottom felt clustered, but having some of them at the top might prevent the player from seeing the falling building pieces. As a compromise, I was able to implement a small danger symbol to warn players when and where a piece would fall.

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